Malaysians Trading in Social Media – ‘Malaysia Boleh’ or ‘Asal Boleh’?

Malaysians Trading in Social Media – ‘Malaysia Boleh’ or ‘Asal Boleh’?

This is an observational post about habits of quite a number of Malaysian (especially online sellers). No offence intended to honest online traders out there. I love you guys for bringing us lower-priced items!

Me and a bunch of friends created a group on Facebook called the 'Malaysia Superbike Exhange' (MSE) in order to direct buyers/sellers of any kind of motorcycle accessories and rider apparels to do their posting/trading within the group, so we can keep the other discussion groups clean of trading posts.

On the top banner of the group, we put this image:


The instruction is simple, only post any motorcycle-related accessories and rider apparels. We set the group to require moderation on the posts so we can review each post before approving them.

On the good side of this, almost everyone complied. We have an active trading community. Feedbacks from the full-time traders are positive.

The moment I put my stuff up for sale in MSE, I have all of them sold within minutes!

That's good to hear. It means the objective of the group is achieved. However, there are some small bunch of posters whom I dubbed 'asal-boleh' (aka 'as long as you can'). Who posted things like this:


Here's more of them:

msefail8 msefail7 msefail6 msefail5 msefail4 msefail3 msefail2

Definitely an 'asal-boleh' style.

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