Get Off The Tarmac: Cost Comparison

Get Off The Tarmac: Cost Comparison

In my first instalment of Get Off The Tarmac, I've shared how me and a bunch of friends got ourselves into the dirtbiking activity. Here, I'd like to compare the typical cost range of doing this activity, versus on-road motorcycling.

First, let's start with the riding gears. Here's the typical cost of each items for these two activities:

ItemOff-Road RidingStreet Riding
HelmetRM 150 - RM 400RM 350 - RM 4000
Riding Jacketn/aRM 200 - RM 3500
Riding PantsRM 70 - RM 500RM 200 - RM 3500
RoostRM 150 - RM 600n/a
JerseyRM 70 - RM 600n/a
BootsRM 200 - RM 1200RM 350 - RM 2000
Knee / Elbow GuardsRM 150 - RM 400n/a
GlovesRM 30 - RM 200RM 150 - RM 1500

The range shown on the table above is taken from local store pricings of Entry Level and High End items for each category. For the Street Bike section, I take into account bikes of sporty nature from 600cc and above.

Now let's look at the maintenance costs:

ItemOff-Road RidingStreet Riding
Road TaxRM 2 - RM 50RM 250 - RM 350
InsuranceRM 300 - RM 600RM 800 - RM 3000
Service (every 5000km)RM 20 - RM 80RM 100 - RM 800
Tyres (per pair)RM 200 - RM 400RM 800 - RM 2000
Fuel (avg KM per Litre)21.6l/km13.3l/km

The maintenance of an off-road bike is very close to mopeds (we call those 'kapcai' here).

The best part? If your friends wants to borrow these bikes, there will be less worry of massive repair costs in case shit happens. There's less chance of suffering fatal injuries too, as you usually fell into pools of gooey muds and sands at a much, much lower speed.


  1. Apip · December 18, 2013 Reply

    Noob question: what the heck is rooster? Hihihi

    • geekmy · December 30, 2013

      Rooster is that chest protector. Like this:

      (Actually it’s called Roost lol. Rooster is a male chicken. D’oh my typo)

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