Renewing Lapsed Motorcycle Road Tax Experience

Following on my post about how to renew lapsed motorcycle road tax, I finally managed to get it done. However, my experience is not exactly smooth, due to one overlook and some unexpected turn of events.

What is this ‘lapsed motorcycle road tax’?

Basically, once your road tax expires, you have a grace period of one year from the road tax’s expiry date to renew your road tax. Once you go over this period, you will have to have your vehicle inspected before you can renew your road tax again.

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Region Did Not Survive


Can’t say much about this.



I once walked into a shop that sells dinnerware. The sales person promptly walked to me, smile and said “Hello sir, are you looking for your wife?”.

I was actually checking out some of the Corell sets.

I’m a sucker for pretty automotive displays

As someone who is passionate about pretty user interfaces, one of the big attraction when it comes to cars and bikes, is how well their meter panel is designed.

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MME Shoppe’s Website

This is a simple website made for the Malaysia Motocross Exchange (MME). At the time of writing, there’s not much content yet.

A simple WordPress-powered website, with a custom MME Theme.

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Note to self: “env: python\r: No such file or directory” error

On one of the Python project we are handling at work, it always spit up this error when we try to directly run the .py file:

$ ./ runserver
env: python\r: No such file or directory

At first I thought it was that my PATH is botched up. But the other Python apps are running perfectly fine.

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Note to self: How to create new database and user in MySQL

Note: These ‘Note to self‘ series of posts are mainly for me to remember stuffs that I always forget. It might be handy to some, however.

Okay Ross, here’s how you create MySQL user and assign him/her to a specific database.

$ mysql -uroot -p
mysql> FLUSH privileges;

Monosaurus: One-page Responsive HTML5 Template

Monosaurus is originally a template that I made in order to quickly start any one-page website. This includes some kind of microsite, event site, or a portfolio site. I thought of putting this template out in the wild and hopefully it will benefit some people out there.

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How to renew lapsed (expired) motorcycle road tax in Malaysia

With my intention to wake up the red devil, the very first thing that I have to do is to make the bike road-legal. This means, I have to get a new insurance and road tax for the bike. Since my bike’s road tax expires on December 2012, it has been more than a year, therefore I can’t renew my road tax the usual way.

Luckily, there are JPJ officials among my friends, so rather than get myself confused, I asked his insight for the actual process.

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Gratitude: Day 7

Looks like I’m at the end of the 7-day streak. Making these series of posts have made be sit back and realise that there are many thing that I take for granted, without me noticing. There are much more things to be grateful about, more than what these seven days can cover.

And now, for the final list:

  1. I am glad to be part of this 7-day gratitude project, many thanks again, William!
  2. I am grateful for the fact that, despite the terror and bizarre happenings in the world today, there are still contagious amount of kindness that made me believe that there are still hope for humanity
  3. I am very grateful that I am surrounded by the very same people that spreads this contagious kindness

There are many more things that I am grateful about. Some of which I am unable to pen down in words. Maybe someday I will talk about it.